Ikemen Sengoku - Tenkabito no Onna ni Naru Ki wa Nai ka

Author: Cybird
Artist: KAJIYAMA Mika
Synopsis: After successfully getting hired as a fashion designer, Mai rewarded herself with a trip to Kyoto and was just enjoying herself when she got struck by lightning at Honno-ji. She then loses consciousness awaking only to find Honno-ji ablaze. In the spur of the moment, she saves a person from being attacked, but it turns out he's Oda Nobunaga?! The popular romance game is finally being published as a comic!
Volume 03
by Decadence, 2019.11.19
by Decadence, 2019.09.24
Volume 02
by Decadence, 2019.07.15
by Decadence, 2019.05.12
by Decadence, 2019.03.24
by Decadence, 2019.02.10
Volume 01
by Decadence, 2019.01.27
by Decadence, 2018.11.24
by Decadence, 2018.10.08
by Decadence, 2018.06.10